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The Horny Toads have been playing bars, parties, and big events in the Tampa Bay Area since 2002. A fun bunch of guys with a cool mix of musical styles, the Horny Toads are one of the most popular cover band in Tampa Bay. Real LIVE rock 'n roll, with real drums, real guitars, real musicians, and nothing pre-recorded!

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Eat, drink, and be merry!

Groovy joints we've gigged:

- The Blue Parrot
- The Don CeSar Beach Resort
- The ChicaBoom Room
- V's Martini Bar
- Harry's Beach Bar
- The Thirsty Marlin
- St Pete Concert In The Park
- Jack Willies
- The Dunedin Brewery
- The Dirty Martini
- Shades Bar & Grill
- The Rusty Pelican
- The Sirata Beach Resort
- JR's Grillhouse
- The Tradewinds Beach Resort

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